10 takeaways from first CFB Playoff rankings – 247Sports

The first College Football Playoff rankings are out, and you can already hear the audible jeers coming out of the other Death Valley.

The selection committee’s decision to put defending national champion Clemson outside of the Top 4 on Tuesday night summoned a shockwave nationally, strengthening Dabo Swinney’s claim his unbeaten team isn’t getting enough respect by winning.

According to Clemson247, Swinney addressed strength of schedule head on Tuesday when he said, „Who has beat Alabama in SEC? In the past five years? Ain’t many. Yet we’ve had a great run in our conference because nobody is else good. We’ve only won in postseason because people are tired or there are distractions … it’s funny.”

Playoff chair Rob Mullens said Tuesday „some of it“ has to do with Clemson’s 1-point win at North Carolina when compared to the outcomes for the other unbeatens ahead of the Tigers this season, who all have wins over current teams ranked inside the Top 25 except Alabama.

The selection committee was clear with their initial reveal that who you’ve beaten matters and overall stellar play on both sides of the football, which relates to eye test, is hard to overlook.

Here are 10 takeaways from the selection committee’s first rankings: